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Membership and Cost

You must be a member of SSILL to sign up for programs. Registration is for September through June each year. Single Person $35.00 Married Couple $45.00.

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Inclement Weather or Cancellations for Other Reasons:

In cases of inclement weather, please call (203) 453-8086 to check whether the class is being held as scheduled (not if the Center is open). We generally follow the school districts’ cancellation policies. If you have email, please check your mail the morning of a class as we post cancellations online as soon as we become aware of them.

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If You Cannot Attend

If you are unable to attend a program for which you are registered, please call the Guilford office at (203) 453-8086 to CANCEL as soon as possible. There may be a wait list for some programs. If you cannot attend, someone else would be grateful for the opportunity to do so.

SSILL was initiated by the Guilford and Madison Foundations, sponsored by Guilford Parks, Recreation & Seniors, and Madison Senior Services.

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Programs begin March 1st and continue through June 17.
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Ron Rubel Dedication

RonRubelSSILL lost an important member and dear friend this past fall. Ron Rubel left this earth on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Some of you knew Ron as our movie guru on Thursday afternoons. He and his good friend, Charlie, originated our “Thursday Afternoons at the Movies.”

A movie buff at heart, Ron selected and learned all he could about each movie he screened and developed a loyal following.

Those of you who were not movie goers, whether you realized it or not, read his weekly SSILL emails which he filled with trivia and guessing games.

A lover of life and learning new things, he is sorely missed by all of us at SSILL. We knew him as not only an intelligent man, but as a man with a generous and loving spirit. We just know he and Charlie are together now, enjoying their movies and catching up on old times.

We miss him.

The SSILL Mission

The Schiller Shoreline Institute for Lifelong Learning’s (SSILL) primary mission is to offer meaningful, intellectual programs to area adults who share a love of learning and would enjoy a few hours of intellectual stimulation and socializing. Affiliated with the Road Scholar Network, SSILL offers two semesters of daytime academic programs designed to suit varied interests. All instructors and team leaders are unpaid volunteers. Our objective is to offer college-level classes without concern for credit, grades or prerequisites. However, no previous level of high school or college education is required to participate. All we require is your interest and enthusiasm.

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Guilford Community Center:
(203) 453-8086

Madison Senior Center:
(203) 245-5627

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